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The Cost of a Drink

If you drink and drive, these are the costs you pay for a DUI:

Vehicle Towing and Storage$187
Booking, Fingerprinting, and Photo Fee$156
Drivers License Reinstatement Fee$125
Car Insurance Increase$2700
DUI Fine$480
Assessment for the Court System$816
Community Service Fee$44
DUI Victims Fund$100
Alcohol Abuse Education Fund$50
DUI Classes$550
DUI Victims Impact Sessions$20
Time Payment Charge$35
Total Fees, Fines, and Assessments$5263+

With an attorney to defend you, you could potentially spend an additional $2000.

There is no safe way to drive while under the influence. Even one drink can make you an unsafe driver.

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Sources: California Office of Traffic Safety, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and The Century Council.


Drinking While Driving
Drinking and Driving Is
You lose your judgment when
you drink alcohol or use drugs. It
is often the first thing about you
that changes. Loss of judgment,
or good sense, affects how you
react to sounds, what you see, and
the speed of other vehicles around
you. It takes about an hour for the
body to get rid of each “drink.” If a
person has had more than one drink
an hour, one hour of “sobering up”
time should be allowed for each
extra drink. Better still, someone
who has not been drinking should
drive. (See page 75.)
Drugs and Driving
Much of what has been said about
alcohol also applies to drugs.
California’s drunk driving law is
also a drug driving law. It refers
to “driving under the influence
of alcohol and/or drugs.” If an
officer suspects that you are under
the influence of drugs, the officer
can require you to take a blood
or urine test. Drivers who refuse
these tests are subject to longer
license suspensions and revocations.
Anyone convicted of possessing,
selling, or manufacturing illegal
drugs is subject to a six-month
The use of any drug (and the law
does not distinguish between prescription,
over-the-counter, or illegal
drugs) which impairs your ability
to drive safely is illegal. Check
with your physician or pharmacist
and read the warning label if you
are not sure you should drive after
taking any medication. Here are
some facts:
• Most drugs taken for colds, hay
fever, allergy, or to calm nerves
or muscles can make a person
• Medicines taken together, or used
with alcohol can be dangerous.
Many drugs have unexpected side
effects when taken with alcohol.
• Pep pills, “uppers,” and diet pills
can make a driver more alert for
a short time. Later, however, they
can cause a person to be nervous,
dizzy, and not able to concentrate.
They can also affect vision.
Any drug that “may cause drowsiness
or dizziness” is one you should
not take before driving. Make sure
you read the label and know the effects
of any drug before driving.


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